• Crocodile Tag fitted on tail.
  • KNP research project tagged fish.
  • KNP infrastructure being set up.
  • Rhino GPS tracking and 24 hr security unit being installed.
  • Wireless Wildlife ULTRA range tracking plane tracking animals up to 30km away.
  • Rhino recovering after GPS device installation.
  • Wireless Wildlife tracking plane launched to download data.
  • KZN Crowned Eagle research project: Eagle just fitted with a GPS long range download device.
  • KZN Genet research project: Genet just collared with GPS long range download device.
  • Rhino GPS device installation.

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Current projects and stakeholders:

Even though Wireless Wildlife supplies equipment to small research or management projects we also supply complete remote data capturing and management systems for larger projects involving multiple species and researchers . Our in-house expertise as well as design capability enables us to provide effective solutions combining different technology's to satisfy the diverse needs of researchers and projects.

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